Meet our Allergy Nurse: Kamryn

Meet our Allergy Nurse: Kamryn

Kamryn, RN, Allergy Clinic Nurse

Kamryn Daily, RN is the allergy nurse at our Allergy Clinic. She works with your primary care provider, and our in-house Physicians, who are specially trained in allergy treatment. Together they build a carefully planned immunotherapy program to build up your body’s own immunity to allergens over time.

Kamryn has a great passion for providing the highest quality of patient care for all her allergy patients. We are proud to have her dedication on our team!

Learn more about our Allergy Clinic and Kamryn below!

As our allergy nurse, Kamryn works alongside your primary care provider and our in-house Physicians to develop your treatment plan.

1.   The beginning of this process is to determine what your allergens are. She preps and performs skin allergy tests and observes your reactions to the various food and/or elemental allergens.

Allergy test being prepared, administered and analyzed

2.   After she collects the results, she works with our Physicians and your primary care provider to develop an individualized immunotherapy program that will gradually increase the dose of the serum to build your body’s immunity to the allergen(s).

3.   Before you receive your allergy shots, she mixes your serums and administers your shots according to your immunotherapy plan.

Allergy Immunology serum being mixed

4.   She also does the administrative work needed to keep accurate records and the process running smoothly.

She was attracted to allergy medicine because it was something that wasn’t touched on during nursing school. Her interest was sparked by the opportunity to broaden her nursing knowledge, and by the challenge of individualizing each patient’s treatment plan. It also allowed her to work closely with the Physicians to determine what works best for each patient.

The Family Medical Specialties Allergy Clinic does everything in-house. Allowing our patients to get tested, review their results, have their serum created, and have their first shot done all in one day!

Having our Allergy Clinic in-house also allows flexibility and a quick turnaround if a serum needs to be adjusted.

Our patients benefit from the continuity of care. Kamryn is able to work quickly and efficiently with each of her patients. Results are available in a timely manner, and she is able to coordinate directly with the Physicians to provide the best treatment plan.

Kamryn’s favorite part about being an allergy nurse is building relationships with her patients as she sees them each week. She also enjoys the challenge and hands-on approach of working with the Physicians to develop each patient’s individual immunotherapy plan.

“I enjoy being part of the FMS team because everyone is always so willing to help out and work together when it’s needed.” – Kamryn Daily, RN, Allergy Nurse

Kamryn’s mom was a nurse for 30 years, so growing up she witnessed the impact her mom had on people. Kamryn loved this and knew she also wanted to have this impact as well. She has always been someone that loves to help others and feels like the nursing field is the perfect opportunity to fuel her passion.

Outside of work, Kamryn enjoys golfing, hunting, working out, spending time at the lake, and making memories with friends and family.

“My favorite thing about the Holdrege community is the number of opportunities here while having the small-town feel.” – Kamryn Daily, RN, Allergy Nurse

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

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Learn more about immunotherapy here: https://fammedspec.com/allergy-about-our-customized-allergy-serums-immunotherapy/

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