Allergy: About Our Customized Allergy Serums (Immunotherapy)

Allergy: About Our Customized Allergy Serums (Immunotherapy)

Our Allergy Clinic at Family Medical Specialties follows a process to formulate custom serums specific for each patient’s allergy or allergies. An immunotherapy program is also developed for each patient to build up the body’s own immunity to the allergy over time. Thus, reducing and sometimes eliminating symptoms.

Learn more about the process our specialized trained staff follow and get answers to some frequently asked questions below!

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Our Custom Allergy Formula Process:

1. Identify the Allergy Triggers

To develop a custom formula, we need to first identify what substance or substances the patient is allergic to. We do this through skin and blood tests.

During an allergy skin test, the skin is exposed to allergy-causing substances and observed for any signs of an allergic reaction: reddening, skin itch, rash, etc.

2. Formulate the Custom Serum

Properly formulating and mixing the custom serum is both an art and a science. Our specialized trained staff prepares the serum in-house.

3. Develop Immunotherapy Program

Our staff develops an immunotherapy program based on the patient’s allergy(s) to gradually increase the doses of serum to build up the body’s own immunity to the allergen. Over time, this allows the patient to decrease and possibly eliminate symptoms.

4. Administer the Serum

The serums are prepared by our in-house specialist and administered in the form of shots in our clinic during regular clinic hours or can be administered at a qualified clinic of the patient’s choosing.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is best suited for Allergy Shots (Immunotherapy)

Our custom allergy serums and immunotherapy programs are recommended for those who suffer from allergy symptoms more than 3 months a year and do not find relief from standard allergy medicines.

Generally, allergy shots work for those who suffer from allergies from: bee stings, pollen, dust mites, mold, and pet dander.

How often do I need to get allergy shots?

The frequency depends on the patient and the specific allergy or allergies.

Typically, the shots are given on a weekly basis for the first few months. Then, once within the “maintenance phase” shots are administered every 2-4 weeks until they are needed for only once a month.

How long does it take for immunity to build?

The length of time depends on the patient. Symptom relief is commonly seen within the first 6 months to a year of the immunotherapy program. After 3-5 years allergy symptoms reach the threshold of “immunity” where symptoms are better and may even go away.

At what age can the immunotherapy process start?

Immunotherapy for allergy shots can be started for anyone older than 5 years old.

Do allergy skin tests hurt?

Allergy skin tests are not painful, if anything, there may be some mild or momentary discomfort. The needles used to administer the tests are called lancets, and they barely penetrate the skin’s surface.

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