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How can we help you?

How can we help you?

To take care of your needs, there are several ways that you can contact us!

Try our website chat or texting us at: 308-280-2295!


About Our Secure Messaging Chat and Text Platform:

Our secure website chat and text platform is powered by Klara, and allows you to quickly connect with our staff without waiting on hold or leaving a voicemail.

Simply use the chat located in the lower right corner of the page
or text us at 308-280-2295


What Can I Do Through the Chat and Text Platform?

We can help you with anything we normally would over the phone including:

  • Answer your questions
  • Get you in contact with your provider or provider’s nurse
  • Schedule your appointment
  • Have a telehealth virtual visit (learn more about our telehealth visits here: https://fammedspec.com/telehealth-virtual-visits/
  • Refill your prescriptions
  • Fill out and send us your intake forms and information ahead of time


What is Klara and is it Safe?

Yes! Klara is a HIPAA Compliant platform that allows patients to communicate directly with our staff. By using the chat or text features, you get your message to the appropriate contact without having to call the office and wait on hold. Also, it eliminates any chance of your messages not being addressed.

All your conversations are encrypted and private. Your personal health information is in good hands!


As a Chronic Care Management Program Patient, Who Do I Contact?

As one of our Patients in our Chronic Care Management Program, continue to work with and communicate with your Chronic Care Nurse!

Learn more about our Chronic Care Management Program here: Chronic Care Management-What to Expect Handout


Can I Access My Past Messages?

Yes! You can access your past conversations here: https://patient.klara.com/


Login to Klara Patient Support:

If you need patient support or would like to chat with us through Klara online, you can do so here: https://support.klara.com/


Can I Have a Video Visit with My Provider?

Yes! Through Klara, you can have a virtual face-to-face appointment with your provider from the comfort and safety of your home. The visit is secure and easy to join. All you need is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a camera, microphone, and a strong WiFi connection!

Contact Information:

Text: 308-280-2295

Call: 308-995-4431

Fax: 308-995-2148

516 W 14th Ave, Suite 100
Holdrege, NE 68949