Our Methodology on: Child Sports and Annual Wellness Exams

Our Methodology on: Child Sports and Annual Wellness Exams

Sports and Annual Wellness Exams can cause some anxiety by being another item on the long list of things to get done and crossed out before the kids start school in the fall.

It also does not help, that your child may be embarrassed to come see their physician as their body changes and develops. We would like to help ease some of the anxiety for both you and your child as the school year approaches by giving an overview of the benefits of our sports and annual wellness exams as well as what to expect within the visit.

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We would like to start that this year is a little different. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the state is not requiring students to have sports physicals. However, we believe it is still extremely important that your child still have an annual wellness exam.

Also, with the coronavirus pandemic, safety is an extreme concern for both you and us. We continue to have our protocols in place to provide a safe environment for our patients coming in for routine and wellness visits. Our acute are clinic is in a separate location from our main clinic, all patients are required to wear a mask and check temperatures prior to entering the clinic.

Now, back to the benefits and an overview of our sport and annual wellness exams!


Benefit: Relationships

One of the largest benefits of scheduling routine appointments for patients of all ages, is that we can build strong, trustworthy and understanding relationships with each of our patients.

This trust allows patients to be honest and feel comfortable to bring up any concern, question, and discus sometimes uncomfortable topics.


Benefit: Consistency

Routine visits like annual wellness exams and sports physicals allow our providers to have consistency to track development and progress over the course of years. With this information, we can quickly see changes and tailor care when we know there is something to stay on top of and monitor.


Benefit: All Encompassing Health

At our annual visits, we take pride in focusing on physical, mental, and emotional health and development. We cover and discuss several topics to make sure you or your child are receiving support needed from all sides.


Benefit: Insurance

Another great thing about annual wellness and sports physicals is that they are a preventative care that is 100% covered by most health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


What to Expect:

When it comes to the annual exams, there is anxiety around what to expect at a visit. It may be the first visit, or the 20th visit, there can always be some anxiety. Here is an overview of what can be covered at our exams:

  • Physical fitness assessment
  • Weight / height measurements and comparison to other children at the same age and build
  • Review of sleep practices and discussion of importance towards health
  • Any behavioral concerns including difficulty in school or in relationships
  • Questions or concerns approaching or during puberty
  • Personalized recommendations given family history
  • Medication review including over-the-counter medications and doses
  • Discussion on drug and alcohol avoidance
  • Nutrition and overall wellbeing


Also, Bring Your Questions

We find that you get the most of your exam with us when you bring any questions or concerns that you or your child have with you to the visit. Don’t be embarrassed. We have most likely heard it all before.


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We look forward to seeing you!

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