Annual Wellness Exam: Set-Up for Success

Annual Wellness Exam: Set-Up for Success


At Family Medical Specialties, our providers offer an extensive wellness visit that makes sure your child is set up for success in school and their sports activities while also answering your and your child’s questions and educating them on healthy choices.

While athletic physicals are quick, simple and make sure your child is in physical condition to play sports, a wellness takes a more detailed approach to determine current health levels and to plan preemptive care if needed. Also, a wellness exam is covered through most insurances!

We find that it is important to keep your provider well informed to ensure that your child receives the tailored care that they deserve and help them thrive. Make sure you and your child get the most out of your visit by being prepared with any questions or concerns that you have. Your provider is there to make sure you feel confident and safe when it comes to you and your family’s health.

Here is what we focus on at our clinic and what your wellness visit could include:

  • Physical fitness assessment
  • Weight / height measurements and comparison to other children at the same age and build
  • Review of sleep practices and discussion of importance towards health
  • Any behavioral concerns including difficulty in school or in relationships
  • Questions or concerns approaching or during puberty
  • Personalized recommendations given family history
  • Medication review including over-the-counter medications and doses
  • Discussion on drug and alcohol avoidance
  • Nutrition and overall wellbeing


Schedule yourself and your child up for a wellness visit today or allow us to answer any of your questions by giving us a call at: 308-995-4431.

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