Obstetric (OB) Services

Obstetrics is a medical practice that specializes in the health of the woman and a baby throughout pregnancy, delivery, and the immediate period following childbirth.

Pregnancy is a time of tremendous change throughout a woman’s body, including increases in plasma and blood volume, adjustments in hormonal levels, and pulmonary activity. Regular checkups allow early identification and treatment of potential complications as well as present an opportunity to provide advice about normal but uncomfortable developments such as morning sickness or indigestion, swollen feet, and shortness of breath. Fetal assessments through ultrasounds or tests such as amniocentesis help detect anomalies and identify genetic diseases. Our specialists are also prepared for obstetric emergencies such as ectopic pregnancies and pre-eclampsia.

When do I need to schedule an Obstetrics appointment?

Schedule an appointment as soon as you find out that you are pregnant! Typically, the first appointment will happen when you are around 8 weeks pregnant.

Our Obstetric Services: (Accordion structure) Include the FAQ and info from each of the sections of the services page)

Who Can Help With Me and My Baby’s OB Needs?

All of our providers will answer any of your questions and walk you through what to expect when expecting!  You and your provider will decide together the best path for your care throughout your pregnancy.

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