Annual Child Wellness Exams

We take pride in supporting your child from all sides in their development by focusing on their mental, emotional, and physical health.



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Our Benefits of Routine Annual Child Wellness Exams, Sports and School Physicals:

Exams can cause anxiety. By building strong, trustworthy, and understanding relationships with you and your child, we provide a safe and open atmosphere.  You can both feel comfortable and free to bring up honest concerns, and questions, even if they are uncomfortable topics, during this one on one appointment.

Routine visits like annual school, sports, and wellness exams allow our providers to track development and progress over the course of years. This information allows us to quickly see changes and tailor care when we know there is something to stay on top of and monitor.

At our annual visits, we take pride in focusing on physical, mental, and emotional health and development. We cover and discuss several topics to make sure you or your child are receiving support needed from all sides.

Sports and School physicals are considered preventative care wellness exams. This means that they are 100% covered by most health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Frequently Asked Questions:

The main difference between sports and annual physicals is that:

Sports Physicals: Your provider looks for health conditions that may interfere with your child’s sports participation and determines whether your child is safe to participate in physical activities and the sports they are interested in.

Annual Physical/Child Wellness Exam: Your provider focuses on the overall health of your child and covers areas not related to sports.

For our exams, we provide a combination of both the Sports Physical and Annual Physical by focusing on your child’s mental, emotional, and physical health.

After age 5, it is recommended for healthy children to get a physical at least once every two years if they have no existing medical conditions. If your child has a chronic medical condition, like asthma, persistent infections, or allergies, your provider will discuss a recommended frequency. Typically, it is recommended for a physical at least once a year.

Depending on where your child attends school, they may require a physical examination prior to attending school. Some schools only require a physical to participate within sports and/or when grade milestones are hit. For example, when entering kindergarten, sixth and 9th grade.

We recommend contacting the school your child will attend this upcoming school year for confirmation.

  • Physical assessment for participation
  • Weight/height measurements and comparison to other children at the same age and build
  • Review of sleep practices and discussion of importance towards health
  • Administration of any needed vaccines
  • Any behavioral concerns including difficulty in school or in relationships
  • Questions or concerns approaching or during puberty
  • Medication review including over-the-counter medications and doses
  • Discussion on drug and alcohol avoidance
  • Nutrition and overall wellbeing

Annual and Sports physicals are important to check your child’s health and development. A benefit of having a consistent relationship with a preferred provider allows that provider a basis to track progress and development throughout the years of your child’s life.

Physicians, Physician’s Assistants (PAs), Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) can perform a physical and annual child wellness exam.

Below is the list of providers at our clinic that you can schedule child wellness, annual physicals, and sports physicals with:

We recommend letting your child know what to expect at the exam. It is also good to let them know that they can feel comfortable bringing any questions or concerns that they have to the exam. Our providers have most likely heard it all before, so nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Short answer, YES! Bring your questions and any concerns you have about your child to the exam; we are happy to answer and address them.

Please bring any changes to your insurance, family medical history, and a list of any medications that your child is taking.

If your child is getting a school or sports physical, please bring the form your school has provided, and to save time please fill out your portion prior to the exam. If you have misplaced your form, we have forms for the Holdrege area schools on hand at the clinic.

At the appointment, your child’s vaccination and immunization will be reviewed and you will be informed what vaccinations they are due for based on their age. Vaccinations can be done at that appointment or scheduled to be administered at a later date.

The State of Nebraska has the Nebraska State Immunization Information System (NSIIS) that you can utilize to track your child’s immunizations and vaccinations.  You can search for you or your child’s records here: NESIIS Search Portal

Check out this brochure to learn more about NESIIS: NESIIS Parent Brochure

The CDC has a great resource outlining what vaccines and immunizations should be administered for each age group. At your child’s exam, your provider will make recommendations.

Check out their page here: Vaccination Schedules by Age Group

The main benefit of scheduling your child’s exam in the spring or early summer is avoiding the scheduling “rush” right before your child returns to school and when we tend to struggle with available appointment times.

In addition, some summer camps require sports physicals in order for your child to participate, so you may need to have the exam completed in the spring.

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If you prefer a certain provider, please let us know when you call!

Here is a list of our providers that can perform an annual child wellness exam, school and sports physicals:

Bring Your Questions:

We find that you (and your child) get the most out of the exam with us when any questions or concerns that you or your child are brought with you to the visit. Don’t be embarrassed. We have most likely heard it all before.


School Physical Forms:

If you have received an updated physical form from your school, to make it a quicker process, please bring it filled in with your portion of information. We will complete the rest of the form during the visit. If you do not have your form, we have extra forms from the Holdrege area schools.