Jeffrey R. Berney, MD

Jeffrey R. Berney, MD

Jeffrey R. Berney, MD

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Physician Medical Director for Holdrege Memorial Homes
Physician Medical Director for Phelps County EMS
American Academy of Family Physicians
American Medical Association
Nebraska Medical Association

Dr. Berney completed his undergraduate degrees in biology and natural science at Midland Lutheran College and received his Medical Degree from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in Omaha. He completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine and the “Accelerated Family Practice Fellowship”. Dr. Berney also completed a one year procedural fellowship.

Dr. Berney enjoys patients of all ages but has a special interest in family practice, obstetrics, pediatrics, and sports medicine. He has specialized training in endoscopy procedures and allergy. He has been involved on a number of boards including Nebraska Teammates Advisory, the YMCA of the Prairie, the Phelps Memorial Health Center, and the American Legion.

Dr. Berney is married with three children and enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, coaching, exercise, and sports of all kinds. He and his family are active members of their church. Dr. Berney has donated his time on medical mission trips to Jamaica.


“Very satisfied with services here. Lab workers are very caring and good, greeter nurse is so personable. Room nurses are very knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Sandy can’t be beat all around! … Whole staff is rated an A.”

- Patient

“Dr. S Smith is a wonderful Dr. to my son. Always friendly and is always fast. Makes sure I know and understand what is wrong. Couldn’t find a better Dr. Thank you!”

- Parent of Patient

“Dr. Berney and his nurses are always very professional and polite. Thanks for always going above and beyond Brittany and Jolee!”

- Patient

“This is the only doctor office I will come to. I have always been treated with respect by all the doctors I have seen here…I drive 1 hour to come here – 2 hr round trip.”

- Patient


Allergy: About Our Customized Allergy Serums (Immunotherapy)

Our Allergy Clinic at Family Medical Specialties follows a process to formulate custom serums specific for each patient’s allergy or allergies. An immunotherapy program is also developed for each patient to build up the body’s own immunity to the allergy